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St. Petersburg map for HandMap

Current version is 1.23

Hi! When I finally got my hands on the HandMap, I decided to make the map of St. Petersburg. I was already carrying pieces of the map in bitmap format but they were taking too much memory, didn't have any names, so...

The work was fairly easy, but tedious. When the map was ready, I put it here. And everything related to HandMap that I got during the last year. Enjoy.

There is also a number of links to the most popular mapping/geographcal programs for Palm.

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THe map is created with MapIt! software. I used a large bitmap map which I got from Horis map at http://www.spb.ru/horis/horis_r/map1/map1.htm (second level of details) The names were taken from "Public transport routes" published in 2000. In some places I changed the form of streets according to this, presumably newer map. The introduced error should not exceed 60 meters for most objects. Horis map is used not only as free online map, but also in some grave products for tracking up to 1000 objects on the map with GPS recievers. So, I guess, it should not be very inaccurate. ;-)

Time spent: about 15 hours.


Here are black-and-white and color screenshots.

Whole St. Petersburg Downtown Smolny My home


Do you need small streets in industrial and residential areas? Do you need objects such as palaces, monuments, museums, restaurants, metro stations etc? Do you use a Route feature, so do I need to doublecheck all crossings? Write to danila.medvedev@mail.ru


1.23 - fixed some rivers, other minor corrections.

1.22 - Added geo data. Presumably it will work now with GPS recievers. Added the most important attractions.

1.21 - MapID added. This resolved a conflict with HandMap 3.2 and 3.3.

1.2 - Fixed a lot of things. Now almost everything is fixed. :)

1.1 - All city is covered. Cache is now on and the speed has increased.

1.0 - First version. No south-east and north-west parts. Many rivers and objects are not done.


In the beginning the map was working only in HandMap 3.0b. The problem was that MapID was absent. Now it should work with all versions. Tested with HandMap 3.0b - HandMap 3.8.

Some crossings are not done. I realised this too late and haven't fixed everything. Some crossings have too difficult shape and if there are not important, I simplified them to save time.

Most attention I paid to places I live in. Sorry. Some parts not done:

  1. Rzhevka - This is not St. Petersburg...
  2. Kolomyagi - Maps do not give unambiguous answer what is there. :) Anyway, foreign visitors do not need that part. :)
  3. Murino - This is not St. Petersburg...


Install spbmap.pdb also. It contains category icons for Subway stations.

These options are recommended:

Quick draw to Never - the algorithm for Quick-draw, which is implemented starting from 3.72 distorts the picture.
Draw names at x4
Show feature at: Fill areas you can check it. The rivers should be OK. On Moscow map this must be unchecked, or rivers will flood the city. ;)
Add zoom - you can ignore it.


The map is Freeware. Distribute it freely. If you manage to get some money through use of it, you should pay something to me (if you don't mind). If you really enjoyed it, if you were looking for it all your life and want to repay my kindness, e-mail me and we can discuss that. :)




Map development tools

  • MapMaker - program for converting maps to HandMap format. It is no longer supported as there are now import functions in MapIt!
  • MapIt! - a program for manual map "vectorisation".



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Russian maps and the map of Almaty are free, others are not. If you happen to get (or made it yourself) any maps not listed here, please, send them to me. If you bought or just got somehow maps of UK and US cities, please, send them too! Thanks in advance.

There are also countless number of programs for Palm (and WinCE) for viewing maps and other grographical information. Links to them are in the Other mapping programs section.

Other mapping programs

There are mapping program other than HandMap. Some are listed here. E-mail me if you can add something and I will put it here.


Map, including mpr-file, can be found at: http://www.chat.ru/~spbmap/

E-mail: danila.medvedev@mail.ru

If you don't like something, write me. If you like something, write me. Write everything you want, the more, the better. Bug-reports, Feature-requests...


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Updated on 09.07.2003.